Dan Doiron

Dan Doiron is the Milling Product Manager at EMUGE Corp., in West Boylston, MA.

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Generally Speaking...

Nov 3, 2021 1:08:55 PM / by Dan Doiron


For those engaged in high-mix, low-volume machining, versatility (mostly) rules

Aluminum one day, titanium the next, low-carbon steel the day after that. When you have no idea what’s coming down the pike, it's obvious that you need cutting tools able to survive whatever you throw their way. But is survival enough? Is it better to sacrifice some modicum of performance to avoid switching to a material-specific cutting tool, or to keep the tool crib inventory to the bare minimum by going to a more general-purpose grade of carbide and tool geometry?

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Specifically Speaking: Making a case for optimized end mills

Jun 3, 2021 8:47:44 AM / by Dan Doiron posted in End Mills


For job shops and others machining a wide variety of materials, general-purpose end mills offer a nice balance between performance, tool life, and inventory costs. Yet some metals are either so difficult to cut or machined in large enough quantities that only the very best combination of carbide, coating, and geometry will do.

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Becoming an FPC Believer

Mar 3, 2021 1:28:59 PM / by Dan Doiron posted in Tool Holders


Perhaps you’re on the fence over shrink fit vs. hydraulic toolholders. Or maybe your shop still uses Weldon side-lock holders and wonders why tool life is less than spectacular, or struggles with pull-out no matter how hard you tighten that collet chuck. You’re not alone. Many shops are using the same toolholder technology they started out with decades ago and are reluctant to invest in something new, or are confused over which direction they should go.

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