Machine Heat Resistant Super Alloys Up to 400% Faster with Ceramic End Mills

Aug 7, 2023 4:13:41 PM / by Scott Lowe

Cera-Cut is a groundbreaking innovation specifically designed to increase productivity by significantly decreasing rough milling time in heat-resistant superalloy (HRSA) materials. This high-performance technology greatly benefits the aero-engine industry, where HRSA materials are prevalently used due to the extreme heat generated within jet engines.

I have personally tested this with customers, and I reckon it has to be the most robust ceramic milling cutter on the market. If saving time roughing heat-resistant super alloys is of utmost importance to your shop, then this post is for you!


Optimal Performance: Machines with High-speed Spindles and HSK Connections

To unlock the full potential of Cera-Cut, machines must be equipped with spindles capable of generating at least 20,000 RPM and HSK connections. These machines are predominantly found in large manufacturing facilities of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The necessity for high RPMs derives from Cera-Cut's optimal operating speed of 3,000 surface feet per minute (SFM), a significant improvement over the 120 SFM often achieved through solid carbide methods.

Cera-Cut: A Customizable Solution with Comprehensive Technical Support

Cera-Cut is not a mere plug & play solution; it demands substantial adjustments in feeds and speeds when compared to solid carbide end mills. Additionally, Cera-Cut often requires a different milling strategy, warranting the need for technical support, which we confidently provide to our customers.

Doubling Metal Removal Rates (MRR): Promising Results in Customer Testing

Customers utilizing Cera-Cut tools have reported doubled metal removal rates compared to solid carbide methods. This increase in MRR not only translates to improved productivity but also significantly reduces overall production costs.

Competitive Advantage: Enhanced Tool Life and Reduced Chipping

Our confidence in Cera-Cut's superiority over our key competitors comes from testing results showing up to three times the improvement in tool life. This competitive advantage primarily stems from the two-piece construction, where the ceramic head is high-temperature vacuum brazed onto a carbide shank. 

The carbide shank's inclusion offers considerably higher vibration-dampening capabilities compared to the solid ceramic used by competitors. In turn, this dampening is critical due to ceramic's inherent high hardness, as it aids in reducing chipping, thereby prolonging Cera-Cut's service life and providing exceptional value to our customers.

Cera-Cut represents a significant advancement in the field of rough milling in HRSA materials. Its exceptional potential for productivity enhancement, coupled with our comprehensive technical support and superior tool life, positions Cera-Cut as the premier choice for industry professionals in the aero-engine sector and beyond.

Questions or have an application you'd like to discuss?  Feel free to contact me personally at scott.lowe@emuge.com or reach out to Technical Department, at technical@emuge.com or call 800-323-3013.

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Scott Lowe

Written by Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe is the National Sales Manager for EMUGE-FRANKEN N.A., responsible for leading the sales team across the U.S. and Canada. With over 20 years of experience in sales management and technical expertise, Lowe previously held positions at Kennametal and Guhring. A graduate of the General Electric Machinist Apprentice Program, he is dedicated to upholding EMUGE-FRANKEN's legacy of high-quality cutting tools and exceptional customer support.